Numbered days

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Released, Live Recorded Versions

  • Numbered days (Live, Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW Session, 2003)   [edit]

    Artist: eels
    Time: Unknown
    Credits: Unknown
    Appears On: 16 Tons (Ten Songs) (Live Album)
    Concert Place: Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW Session
    Concert Year: 2003
    Tour: Tour Of Duty (Shootenanny!)
Lyrics    [edit]

i never thought i'd go
but i never thought you so
until now that i see
all the crazy things you're doing
why you wanna ruin it
and me

counting numbered days

i think you know it's true
that's it
it's all over, i'm through
for a while we can smile
for the people that we're passing
and even if they're asking
we can lie

counting numbered days

looks like the sun is gonna set
know that there's nothing i regret
all the things that i learned
well i'd like to think i earned it
no need to go and burn it down now

counting numbered days

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