A good day to be you

Released, Studio Recorded Versions

Lyrics    [edit]

Number one
Are number one

You are a wonderful person
I love you
You are a shining star
Brightest in the sky

You are very sexy
You always remember my birthday
Thank you

You are a flower
Under your water
You are refreshing
I like you
Does that tickle?
Look in the mirror
It's a good day to be you

Aww yeah

Hold it

You are a strong person
You have pretty eyes
I'm the luckiest man alive
Thank you

You are very well read
But you don't make me feel stupid
Thank you

I love you
I love you

It's a good day to be you
Thank you

Love, Kool G Murder

PS: If you need me, I'm always here

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Posted by lordfoo on 2009-11-26 22:30:31

Provided lyrics.