How can I contact you?

For additions, corrections or questions please email galaxy /at/

What is the purpose of this website?

The Galaxy is an ongoing project that aims to
1) collect as much information concerning the musical work of Mark Oliver Everett* in a structured format and make it available on the web
2) to provide users an interactive role, the opportunity to add information based on facts as well as personal experience.

We have succesfully created a complete database of eels* songs and tracks, and more extensions will be made as time goes by. Users are able to fill in certain missing information and comment on songs (for example, to talk about the meaning of the lyrics and give their personal interpretations).

* eels, E, MC Honky, Mark Oliver Everett, Mark Everett. These are all considered mainly solo projects of the same guy.

How was this developped? Who did it?

The database and website were build with MySQL and PHP. It was created by Great Mistake (Niels). The intro logo was designed by Edgar (, the menu logo by Marlene.

What does the track database contain?

We claim that the song database contains the most complete list of all eels songs ever released, officially or not officially, or played live on tours or on any occasion. If you, however, find errors or feel anything's missing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

However, mind that (as for now) this is not a discography. We do realize that often there are many different versions of a release (especially singles) out there. We mention the most complete ones, also mentioning possible bonus tracks. A really good discography like eels the discography lists all different release versions even when the tracklist is the same while we don't (this might be added one day). However, we do list all songs ever played live, which can't be found in a discography. A detailed discography is important information for fanatic collectors, while this this is rather for anyone who is interested in getting every song. Mind that we are not listing all songs ever made by E in his basement (that's obviously impossible as we don't know most of those), only songs that have been released in some form or played live. Titles that are known because they have been copyrighted aren't listed here.

All different versions based on the same song are grouped together on one page. Alternative versions are usually only listed when the alternative version has been released somehow. Songs usually only have unreleased live versions listed when the song has not been released at all; however there are two exceptions: when they were played before they were released (going fetal, souljacker part I,...) or when they have an alternative name.

Where can I get rarities on releases that are out of print, and the ones that were only played live?

A lot of the b-sides and soundtrack songs are available on the eels compilation called "Useless Trinkets". At ebay you might find once in a while rarities like out of print material, promotional singles, etc..., sometimes bootlegs. It is always handy to get in touch with the eels fan community at estranged friends. A good file sharing program where you might find eels stuff is SoulSeek.

And what about the "unofficially" released stuff?

Well don't feel bad if you can't find it, because this is extremely rare material, and you are simply not supposed to have it. It's true, they have been released in some form to a small group. However they were never supposed to leak out, and as far as you and me know, they probably didn't. One or two things just might be floating around. And who knows, maybe some day you will get your hands one of these treasures. If you're very lucky, so don't hold your breath.

Where can I get more information on EELS?

Rocking Eels - Great fansite with lots of interesting stuff. Good start for noobies.
Estranged Friends - Eels Fan Community
eels the discography (up to 2007)
3Speed - Classic website, dead but still interesting
Official Website